The site when it was a Reclamation Yard, 2014. 

Reclamation  began on the site of a former reclamation yard, on land cleared for development in the heart of Stirchley. Reclamation of the space for public use, designed for and by the public seemed the sensible thing to do, so we entered into negotiation with Tesco, the developer, and asked BPN architects to work with us on the design process.

Stirchley Triangle 2017

Too small & noisy for a park, or resting place, we agreed with BPN that it would function well as a signpost or stepping stone pointing laterally towards the many marvellous but hidden assets in Stirchley. We then developed ideas for temporary ways we could make this happen (Brick after Brick is one of them), and we continue this work and focusing on the triangle and its function within Stirchley.

Suggested path – flagged.

Responses have now begun onsite, with consideration to accessing across it and how something that was introduced as a temporary measure, with little thought, like the barrier, establishes itself and becomes a permanent feature, affecting movement across the area.

bindweed fence
Temporary establishes itself and becomes accepted as permanent




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