Update on the status of Hazelwell Lane

The sentiment of many

Following our ‘As the Crow Flies’ walk I can confirm that according to records held by Birmingham City Council on 3rd July 2017 that “Hazelwell Lane in Stirchley is a highway maintainable at the public expense  (adopted).”

We believe this means that the public road is still a public right of way, and chimes with the offer back in February to reopen the road. But let us know if we’re wrong! If so it bodes well  for maintaining a public right of way in the long term all the way to Hunts Road and the River Rea crossing, restoring a well used, much needed, hugely missed route significant to Stirchley’s connectivity and heritage, whoever is the new owner/developer of the site.

As Tesco have scraped away the surface and paths, making the surface uneven and difficult to traverse – essentially making it impossible for anyone to use this public highway – in the short term there would need to be a walkway or surface laid before people could use it as a through route.

We’ll be active in raising awareness that this is still a public highway and right of way – look out for our tweets and this blog.

What closure of Hazelwell Lane means

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