Hazelwell Lane

We are preparing for our ‘As The Crow Flies’ walk this Sunday 25 June  Asthecrowfliesweb

As the Crow Flies is a walk that explores movement and it’s interruption by development in Stirchley. Hazelwell Lane, a main thoroughfare and significant street in Stirchley’s history was closed by Tesco during its clearing of compulsory purchased land for the development of their supermarket. Tesco have now withdrawn from Stirchley after 18 years of ongoing planning applications but the public road remains closed. The walk will approach the barrier from each side, beginning at The Hazelwell Pub to the East and Bournville for Stirchley Station to the West (Maryvale Road entrance). We will meet at the barrier and mark the occasion. We are interested in how people move around and through Stirchley and how this knowledge can be used to inform the planning of the site in the future with its new owners. We look forward to seeing you then at either of the start points!



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